Book printing is part of the final process in publishing a book. It will be a determinant of the success of your writing as it will start to be offered to the readers in the market. The quality of the printed book also affects the purchase of the book such as color, binding strength, size and so on apart from the book cover graphics, price offer and content. We therefore offer a flexible printing process at an unobtrusive price with highly controlled and long-lasting printing quality. Please use the printing cost calculator provided to determine the printing option you want and let us do the hard work.

Please refer to the print template for each product offered. It can help you manage it in a more organized, tidy and in line with the desired justification especially if you intend to submit your own design.

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Please click the guides below to see a details information related to the selection as offered in the printing cost calculator platform.

Standard Publishing

Packages for those who wish to publish with us and enjoy the royalties without worries on the publishing process.

Self Publishing

You can depend on our online publishing services and tools to ensure the success of your self publishing process.

Free Setting

Use our online cost calculator to determine what you need and required to ensure your book get published in time.

Publishing Tools

Use our online publishing services and tools to help you master book writing standards or requirements.