Are you a new writer? Struggling to understand how to get your book published? Whether you’re considering publishing a textbook in your field or a simple novel, our objective for your work is simple: create the highest quality publication and make it widely accessible in multiple formats so it is easily discovered. We’ll take you through the process with our definitive setting for book publishing from deciding your book genre, type & layout formatting, book cover design, marketing strategy and selling platform. So share your great ideas with us and launch your book successfully!

What We Have?

Publish a book is not an easy job if you did not master the know how. The author need a constant expertise to manage his/her work from writing a manuscript in a well formatting layout to the effort of marketing the book for public audience. This process is important to make sure the book is publish according to the rules and able to be distributed into the local and global market.

To support this process we have arrange several services and tools to ensure your publishing effort will be successful. You can choose the best arrangement of publishing setting according to your needs, requirement and most importantly your budget. We will support you all the way until your work is published.

Standard book publishing refers to a process of publishing any work of manuscript by an author through a publisher into printed format which is mutually agreed upon by a contract. This process include editing, proofreading, typesetting, printing, binding, cover art and design, promotion, advertising, warehousing, shipping, billing, and paying author royalties.

Thus we offers a range of publishing packages such as the Basic, Novelist, Advanced and Premier Package which is tailored to each author’s specific needs, requirement and budget. Each publishing package contains critical common elements – publication, typographical layout,  distribution and personal support – followed by a range of editorial, sales and marketing services.

Due to the fact that today’s information world prioritizes the rapid and widespread generation of knowledge, the publication of a material now places great emphasis on electronic publication as a critical alternative. An author can no longer resist this development if he/she wants to succeed in terms of the presentation of knowledge, illustration, learning, teaching, research, entertainment and so on. But the process of producing materials electronically also has its own complexity.

Therefore, we offer a publishing packages that is able to facilitate the process of publishing electronically, especially related to books regardless of any genre or category of topic.

Digital or online publishing is the latest current publishing practice that uses online technology and tools to write, organize, edit and make all kinds of media readable on the internet. This online publication can cover any form of writing including non-fiction sources, fiction novels and short stories, plays and multimedia magazines. In fact, it is also able to be shared widely compared to printed publications and is optimized for tablets, laptops and even smartphones.

This publication also makes it easier for you to diversify your publication by moving it from a traditional form to an online platform that allows it to reach the right audience more easily. In fact, we offer several online publishing platforms that will help you and make your content easy to read online.

We are registered book publishing company in Malaysia under the name of : RedCili Media by the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) – NS0246566-W and National Library of Malaysia.  We are located at RedCili Media, Taman Teja, 06010 Changlun, Kedah, Malaysia.

The book publishing offers  as stated within our website (standard or self publishing packages) are offered to Malaysians only for now except for individual services or tools that not included in any packages arrangement. You are free to choose any suitable services or tools that can be use to achieve your publishing objective. If you have any queries regarding our legality, please use the Contact Us to directly in touch with us or FAQ section to view our company profile.

Easy Steps to Publish!

1. You choose the desired package and we setup the publishing work.
2. Writing, Editing and Submiting your manuscript online.
3. ISBN Application, Printing and Marketing Works
4. Finish : your book is published in physical and electronic formats.

Standard Publishing

Packages for those who wish to publish with us and enjoy the royalties without worries on the publishing process.

eBook Publishing

You can depend on our publishing services and packages to ensure the success of your electronic publishing process.

Online Publishing

Choose from our online publishing services and tools to help you publish books and market electronically.