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As a publisher, we focus on books as a key product in spreading knowledge and enriching the interest in reading among the community.  We believe that books in any format can inspire writers to produce works that are important to human civilization. Without writers, all information and knowledge will be scattered without having the right channel according to the desired field or subject. In fact the importance of books cannot be denied because they have existed since humans recognized letters and accumulated knowledge.

Therefore we offer a diverse collection of books in terms of genre and format. Apart from publishing the latest books in physical form, we also provide alternatives in the form of eBooks and used book collections. All this collection of books is a grab for readers who want a variety of knowledge and imagination from authors around the world.

Book offers from this collection are also included with very reasonable prices without burdening your wallet.


A collection of eBooks published by RedCili and other parties that enrich the wealth of knowledge electronically.

Used Books

Get used books in various genres and subjects that still have their own unique character in terms of storytelling and knowledge.

Recommended Books

Recommended books are collections of books published and distributed by other parties at attractive prices.

Books Genre

Flora & Fauna
Graphic Novel
Historical Fiction

Science Fiction
Short Stories
True Crime

So, get your favorite book today and enjoy the beauty of literature, storytelling and fact-finding delivered by authors around the world. The more you order your favorite books, the more reward points you will enjoy for discount offers on your next book purchase. Grab it now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most questions related to the collection of books offered.

The used books are not like new book. Their condition might have a bit of deteriorate but still in good condition and readable. All pages and cover are intact (including the dust cover, if applicable). Spine may show signs of wear, brownish in color, a torn pages, writing marking by previous owner and so on. Please bear these in mind before making an order because any purchase is final and will not be refunded. More info on Used Book Conditions.

On average, most used books that are offered have a very limited number of copies, which is between 1-3 copies for each title. This is because certain titles are no longer reprinted by the original publisher, their own uniqueness which makes them rare and our policy is not to keep stock in large quantities due to lack of space or uneconomical to maintain for a long period of time. Therefore you are advised to order the book you want as soon as possible before it runs out of stock.

Our self-published eBook formats are offered in pdf flipbooks accessible online via membership subscription and updf accessible from your computer or smart device. Collections of eBooks published by other parties are offered in pdf or ePub format that can be accessed by certain readers. See more information about eBooks.

Of course but not very economical due to high shipping cost. But if you still want to get the book you want from outside Malaysia and are willing to bear the cost, we are ready to do it. You should also take into account that the currency we use is only in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) but you can choose a payment system that suits your currency to be converted to RM during the checkout process. More info on Shipping Rates or Payment System.

Generally yes but the money back guarantee is only tied to the latest print books and eBooks only. Due to the status of used books that have their own profile in terms of the physical condition of the book, rare and easily damaged; it is not covered by a return guarantee. Every purchase of a used book is considered complete or final and no returns or exchanges will be entertained (except in relation to delivery process issues). More info on policies related to Shopping and Purchase or Money Back Guarantee.

This collection brings together a collection of books in various types and genres offered by other entities excluding RedCili. It is recommended as a complement to the collection of books we offer and is considered the most reasonable in terms of price, genre and meeting the needs of readers. You must remember that every purchase you make from these entities has nothing to do with RedCili and we are not responsible in terms of warranty, delivery and stipulated terms. Please make sure you review each policy they set before making any commitments in terms of purchases or subscriptions.

For more info on Books Collection and issues related to it, please check our Knowledge Base.

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