Unacceptable Genres

As we mention in our standard publishing page, we do not accept book genres based on this categories : religious work, politics, erotic, racism, violence, doctrinaire and controversial issues.

The reason behind this restriction is most of the genres have an unacceptable risk in terms of social sensitivity, lack of compliance with rules & regulation (Printing Act), slandering, inappropriate writing, prejudice and distortion of facts. Due to these conditions we are not keen in taking any risks as we are doing our best to protect the interests of our authors and stakeholders as well as our readers from any controversial information. In fact our company also did not have the expertise to examine contents in certain subject or areas such as religious work, political doctrine or psychological interpretation which can encourage unusual behavior and therefore we intent to enforce this rule for the time being.

However this rule does not apply to Self-Publishing arrangement as we do not publish the book and does not comply with any agreement of other parties (between you or other publisher).