What happens after you submit your book proposal?

Your proposal will initially be read by a our Editor to assess the suitability of your book for our publishing program. Subject to the Editor’s approval, your proposal will then undergo an external peer review process in which experts are engaged to provide feedback on the quality and scope of your work, before your work is submitted back to the Editor’s for final approval. If your book proposal is approved, you will then be offered a publishing contract.

  • Your application will be evaluate approximately in 1 month or earlier and any decision will be send through email that¬† you provided in the form.
  • In case your proposal is accepted, we will set an official contract agreement between you and us (with stamp duty) and also web account for you to access the tools and services.
  • You will be charged RM450 for security deposit and process fee (RM100) via signing the contract for a total of RM550. The balanced of RM450 will be returned if no violation of contract occur during the publication process.
  • The Author Proposal application does not bind us of any agreement that we will publish your book. It is used solely to assess your proposal and we do not used your information for any reason other than mentioned.