UPDF EBook version

1. What is UPDF?

UPDF is a PDF Unshare document format, and it is associated to UPDF Reader by default. That means users can simply double-click on a UPDF file to open. UPDF format is associated to UPDF Reader App in iOS and Android as well. However, UPDF cannot be opened by other PDF reader programs.

2. Is it PDF Document?

Yes, technically it is still a PDF Document but can only be opened by a UPDF Reader with certain features that has a limited function unlike the normal PDF Reader. You have to be online to open the the UPDF document.

3. Why UPDF?

UPDF is offered to buyers as an option to read documents in the form of ebooks in their computer or smart devices. It will assign a valid document to the genuine buyer to protect the copyrights of publications and authors and also cannot be shared freely which preserves trust between the buyer and the author of the document.

4. How It Work?

As an optional format, you can download the purchased eBook from your account in UPDF format (if applicable). The eBook is yours forever but you cannot share it with anyone as the license allow for your use and accessible through online network for two devices ONLY. You can download the item from your account within 24 hours after purchasing.

5. Do I Need a Different Reader?

Yes because the UPDF format document cannot be used with regular pdf reader. You need to download and install a UPDF reader either for Windows, Android or iOS devices.

Download UPDF Reader here!