The Canvas Interface

When you decide to customize any template design from the DIY Design page, you will be taken to a canvas page to produce your design. The canvas interface is generally the same for each product only there may be some features or tools that are not available for certain concept.

Basically the canvas interface is as shown below.


There are 4 sections that complete this interface canvas, namely:

[A] Design Tools – This is the tools that make the magic happen. These include a selection of pre-made template, images, text editor, shapes, cliparts, QR Code generator, map, calendars, background colors, manage layers, your save designs and save /add to cart button.

[B] Editor Tools- These tools help you to navigate, manage, compose and customize the design arrangement inside the canvas. These include shortcuts, select all option, erase, grid, center & flip horizontally, center & flip vertically, rotate, bring to front, send to back, lock, group, ungroup, duplicate, delete, undo, redo and preview.

[C] The Canvas- The place where everything comes together while you do your magic.

[D] Navigation – Easy navigate to either front canvas or back canvas.