Along with the rapid development of human resources that started to change, we took an approach to offer independent work from home opportunities. Therefore, our staff is more free to explore and produce products or services without restrictions that could affect creative thinking. This initiative makes the company technology friendly, continuous idea generation and management cost savings. It also guarantees the well-being of all parties in terms of safety and health, fun at work, trust, freedom to create and explore, improve family relationships, reduce bureaucracy and increase close relationships with customers.

Therefore, all communication between staff is handled using online methods such as email, Whatsapp and social media. Likewise in order to facilitate communication and transactions between us and our customers, all transactions are also handled online either through email, online contact us form, support system, social media and Whatsapp.

Apart from that it is also done because:

  • Simplify and speed up the feedback process between all parties.
  • Record and document any inquiries as a reference for improvement as well as transaction evidence.
  • As a control measure against the ongoing Covid 19 outbreak.
  • The best alternative of today’s communication system that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Therefore, you may contact us if you have any queries or issues that need to be clarify using our online form or email us directly.

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