Get Verified as Seller

When you first register your account as Seller, you will not automatically allowed to sell anything yet (the add product feature is disable) until you verify yourself. You will get a message :

“Alert! Your account is not enabled for selling yet, please verify so that we can process your Seller application as soon as possible. – Verify Here. If you have done that, ignore this message. At the meantime please update your details, payment info, banner, profile picture, setting, etc. Thank you.

Please verify yourself as Seller by going to Seller Dashboard > Setting > Verification and choose at least two verification information between your address or company detail + ID (mandatory). Example – you send your ID + Address detail or ID + Company detail. If you opt to send your ID+Address+Company together, it will definitely speed up the verification process.

This verification is important to determine :

  • ID – Your identification as a Malaysian citizen because our Marketplace only opened to Malaysian only at the moment. Passport, ID Card or License Card photo is accepted.
  • Address – Check your whereabouts with an accurate address and have validity for security purpose. Fill in the information
  • Company – Check the validity of your company in terms of registration with SSM (if applicable). You can send either in photo or pdf format.

The verification process will take approximately 2-5 days (office hours) and at that moment, please update your seller information if applicable. Your status for each items will turn to Pending until our team process and verify your application.

When your account has been verify, you can start adding your products and selling in the marketplace.