RedCili web hosting service has been around more than 5 years and since that it has supported many entrepreneurs, personal and business in doing their things online. Even though we are not as big as the big company, we managed to contributed a significant effort to lots of customers who wish to do their online business with a traditional way – a lots of one to one communication and support.

Big and fancy hosting services run their business by reaching to lots of people without really care about their customer needs. Their target is to make lots of profit in a limited time and they offer fancy dress-shopping window products that look like Cinderella wedding dress with lots of bling. When you sign the contract with them, you’re left alone to figure out what to do next by yourself based on the guidance videos and fancy tools available. Usually you will abandoned all these crap because it is so technical and beyond your imagination. Your project will stall and takes a very slow motion to success until you are again faced with further subscription extension fees. Sound familiar?

Let’s face the fact. If everybody are so passionate about using all the tools and applications from hosting services, why according to some studies shown that 90% of online businesses fail within the first four months of operation. Most of the reason are lack of business knowledge and identity, lack of important skill, no technical support and lack of SEO knowledge. These happened when hosting customers were left to fight each other in heavy online competition. It is like you were given a sport car with strong engine and fancy accessories but your driving skills are not comparable to the performance of the car. Then it will definitely cause disaster and waste your time and money.

In RedCili Hosting environment, we strive to do it better. We also offer the same engine as the big hosting company but let’s the technical side to us. Just do what you are suppose to do – get wild with your business imagination, be creative, innovative. Start from a small platform and upgrade when you feel confident and gain more technical knowledge. Trust us, nobody can be an astronaut by just looking at the rocket. Get involve!

Welcome to the mad world of digital business!