Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee that every shipment of products ordered will be processed and shipped within 24 hours of the order being placed and confirm. For digital products, they will be sent automatically or no less than 6 hours via email or attached to the customer’s account page after the order is successfully placed. However, this guarantee is subject to the existence of some unforeseen issues or situations beyond our control that may affect our ability to deliver the products ordered as required. This includes:

  1. Failure of the delivery party (third party) to make the delivery as required for certain reasons beyond our control.
  2. There are disasters, harm or obstacles that do not allow any social activity to run smoothly such as accidents, floods, pandemics and so on.
  3. There are interruptions or malfunctions in our system that affect delivery methods such as server systems, communication networks and cyber attacks even though various measures have been taken as much as possible by the supplier or related parties.

If it happens as mentioned above, you have the right to cancel your order or give us room to continue the delivery beyond the guarantee period of at least 3 days after the first delivery attempt. If the second delivery still fails, a refund will be processed automatically*.

Delivery Policy : You need to understand that this delivery guarantee period is inclusive and starts as soon as your order has been confirmed in terms of payment until we make the delivery through a selected (third party) delivery service. Once the tracking number is issued, the shipment is out of our control but we will monitor the progress of the shipment from time to time until it reaches you. You are advised to contact the delivery party personally in case of complications or delays. 

*This guarantee is subject to the Money Back Guarantee and Return and Refund Policy