Domain Manager

Step 1 – Domain Name Registration

Please use Domain Check tool to find and register your new domain name. If the domain name is available, you can place an order by clicking on the Order button.

Domain Check

How to search for a domain name: 1. Type in the name of your site in the empty field; 2. Select the desired domain extension (TLD); 3. Click on the "Check" button to see if your domain is available;

* If you wish to host or park your domain, please set our DNSes:,,,

Domain Name Only

academy 132 fi 71 press 271
ae 174 fitness 131 pro 80
agency 89 foundation 131 productions 131
asia 74 fr 49 properties 131
at 69 fun 89 pt 80
bargains 129 fyi 89 qa 87
be 45 games 76 recipes 198
biz 65 group 60 repair 131
business 45 guru 125 rocks 60
ca 80 host 324 run 82
cafe 131 ie 96 sale 131
capital 200 in 58 school 131
cc 102 info 73 services 120
center 89 international 89 site 111
ch 67 it 47 social 131
cheap 129 jp 169 software 127
club 71 land 131 solutions 82
cn 47 life 131 space 87
co 125 ltd 89 store 218
coach 200 marketing 131 support 89
codes 200 me 78 systems 87
com 56 media 131 team 131
company 45 mobi 98 tech 196
computer 127 money 131 technology 87
consulting 131 name 53 today 89
cool 131 net 62 top 62
coupons 198 network 87 tv 158
de 45 news 94 tw 151
deals 125 ninja 78 uk 38
digital 127 nl 49 us 44
dk 120 no 60 website 102
education 82 nu 80 works 129
email 87 online 147 world 129
estate 131 org 65 ws 125
eu 40 partners 200 xyz 53
events 131 party 129 zone 131
expert 200 photography 89
express 131 photos 89
family 93 pl 125
farm 131 plus 131

* All domains name are for one year billing cycle

Promo Domain + Hosting

com 32 us 32 website 85
net 50 uk 32 be 32
org 50 eu 32 cn 32
info 50 de 32 nl 32
biz 50 it 32 fr 32

* This domain will have a reduced price as long as you maintain your hosting account with us.
* All domains name are for one year billing cycle

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  • A time period of one year in the first year or new registration is the mandatory default option for all domains. You can choose extra time period for your domain registration of up to 10 years during the renewal process in the control panel or from your general account
  • If you want to TRANSFER your domain to us, please search your domain name in the form and select transfer to proceed. Please make sure you own or are authorized to transfer the domain.


Before transferring your domain name, there are some considerations you should be aware of. This includes:

  • When you transfer a domain, the name servers for the domain will not be changed. This is a good thing if your domain is already hosted by a DNS provider that you use and trust. On the other hand, if you are using your registrar’s name servers then you should switch to DNSimple’s name servers before you start your transfer because they will likely turn off your DNS records either during the transfer process or shortly after the transfer completes.
  • Your domain must be more than 60 days old and cannot have been transferred within the last 60 days.
  • Your domain must be unlocked before you start your domain transfer.
  • Certain registrars require that you remove whois privacy protection before attempting to transfer a domain.
  • For many domains you’ll need an authorization code from your current registrar and you have to submit with your domain.
  • When you start a domain transfer the first thing we do is look in the current Whois for the administrative and registrant contact email address associated with your domain. If these two email addresses are different then each will receive an authorization email. This authorization email will come from and will include text explaining that a transfer has been requested. It will include a link that you must click on to continue the transfer process.
  • Once you’ve authorized the transfer request we will submit your transfer request to the registry for your domain. At this point the current registrar has 5 days to respond to the transfer request. During those 5 days they may approve the transfer, decline the transfer or do nothing. At the end of the 5 days if they’ve done nothing then the transfer will automatically complete.
  • When your transfer completes successfully the domain will automatically be extended the minimum allowed registration period, which is 1 year for most domains. Since the domain is extended you won’t lose time still left on your domain registration. The extension is included in the transfer fee for the domain.
  • There may be a small period of time between when your transfer completes successfully and when it appears in your DNSimple account as registered where the domain may no longer appear in the losing registrar’s domain list.
  • If your transfer fails to complete for any reason you will receive an email indicating that the transfer has failed along with an explanation of why the transfer failed. Once you receive that email you may also make any changes necessary to ensure that the transfer completes successfully (such as unlocking the domain, disabling privacy protection, etc.) and retry the transfer. If the process still fails to be carried out and the cancellation is confirmed by you, we will refund your domain transfer payment immediately.