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E-publication is an abbreviation for electronic publication that refers to a type of publication that does not include printed books. Instead, it takes the format of a work published online, on a compact disc, via email or provided in a file format compatible with electronic readers such as smart devices. This is an alternative form of publishing that is particularly appealing to new writers, and it has many advantages that authors can exploit.

Apart from not taking high costs in terms of publishing, it also offers advantages in terms of fast publishing time, offering access to various formats, high profitability and so on. In line with the importance of this publication, we offer several eBook publication packages that are easy, fast and not burdensome.

About the Packages

The packages were design as a starting point for any writer to published their work with us especially for new writer.  They were formed to be easy based on critical basic requirement in publishing industry and consideration of the cost of publication, marketing and book formatting which can yield advantage in the market.

What Should I Do?

  • You make an official application through our Author Proposal Form so that we can evaluate your propose work.
  • The final acceptance will be determine by us based on your genre, manuscript, special requirement, marketing perspective and cost of production.
  • If it was accepted, an agreement between you and us will be formally made as soon as you accept any package offered or through the free setting method and assessment as mentioned.

Accepted Genres & Languages

We accept a manuscript based on these genres : general works, fiction novel and short stories, horror and paranormal, romance novel, reference work, guides and self help, children’s book, science fiction, thriller, adventure, fiction crime, cookbook, fantasy, travel log, history, education, memoir, satire, graphic novel, biography, photo-book, etc.

Unaccepted : religious work, politics, erotic, racism, violence, doctrinaire, contempt of court and controversial issues. 

Languages : Malay or English

Light Package
For Easy Reading
  • Book Size - 5x8 inch @ 6x9"
  • Pages limit - 25-80 pages
  • PDF / ePub / Mobi
  • Children, Short Stories, Literature
  • 20% Royalties
Fiction Package
For Starter Author
  • Book Size - 5x8 inch @ 6x9"
  • Pages limit - 80-250 pages
  • PDF / ePub / Mobi
  • Light Novel, Mystery, General
  • 25% Royalties
Best Seller Package
For Novelist Author
  • Book Size - 5x8 inch @ 6x9"
  • Pages limit - 250-500 pages
  • PDF / ePub / Mobi
  • Novel, Reference, General
  • 30% Royalties
Academic Package
For Academician
  • Book Size - 5x8 inch @ 6x9"
  • Pages limit - 250-650 pages
  • PDF / ePub / Mobi
  • Reference, University, Specific
  • 40% Royalties

All packages have basic elements such as Free Book Cover Design, free conversion to eBook, free Proofread and free ISBN.

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