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E-publication is an abbreviation for electronic publication that refers to a type of publication that does not include printed books. Instead, it takes the format of a work published online, on a compact disc, via email or provided in a file format compatible with electronic readers such as smart devices. This is an alternative form of publishing that is particularly appealing to new writers, and it has many advantages that authors can exploit.

An ebook, short for ‘electronic book,’ is a digital form of a printed book designed to be read on devices like computers, tablets, or smartphones. Ebooks are vital marketing assets with multiple digital ‘pages’ that delivers information to its reader. In addition, they are often packaged as PDF documents so readers can share them.

Apart from not taking high costs in terms of publishing, it also offers advantages in terms of fast publishing time, offering access to various formats, high profitability and so on. In line with the importance of this publication, we offer several eBook publication packages that are easy, fast and not burdensome.


Change for a Better Alternative

Create Your Books in eBooks Format

Publishing books electronically or eBooks is a recent alternative that is gaining ground among book authors. Apart from the significant difference in format in terms of presentation, it is increasingly popular for a number of reasons especially in relation to flexibility and high royalties. The eBook package that we offer is definitely able to realize your needs as an author regardless of your status whether you are just starting out or a pro writer. So customize your needs with the various package options that we provide.

Have a Manuscript Ready or Starting Anew?

Publish Your Masterpiece

Join our family and highlight your talents in writing, knowledge and share your imagination with us.

These eBook packages are offered to authors who want to deviate from standard physical publishing and focus on electronic writing. With its own special features, this package is able to meet the critical needs of authors who want extensive marketing, high royalties, flexibility in terms of presentation and so on.

We accept a manuscript based on these genres : general works, fiction novel and short stories, horror and paranormal, romance novel, reference work, guides and self help, children's book, science fiction, thriller, adventure, fiction crime, cookbook, fantasy, travel log, history, education, memoir, satire, graphic novel, biography, photo-book, etc.

Unaccepted : religious work, politics, erotic, racism, violence, doctrinaire, contempt of court and controversial issues.
Languages : Malay or English

All packages have default elements such as free size, Free Book Cover Design, choice of pdf or flip book format, royalty up to 60% and free ISBN registration.

Your participation as a writer through RedCili Media who will act as a publisher is subject to the terms and conditions set. Please refer to the Book Publishing Terms & Conditions.


A basic package for those just starting out as a writer and light reader. 10-20% Royalties

Best Seller

For writers with an imagination of compelling fiction, arts and storytelling. 20-35% Royalties


The standard package covers all genres in general and specific subjects. 35-50% Royalties


An advanced package for skilled, technical and prolific writers. 50-60% Royalties

Alternative Publishing

Standard Publishing

Join our family and highlight your talent in writing and share your imagination with us and the community.

Join YAY Program

An alternative book publication with the use of technology and according to current trends.

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