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eBooks Light Publishing

As with the standard package, this light eBook package focuses on authors who want to start a career as a writer or just get used to it. It provides an opportunity for those who want easy publishing and do not need a lot of editing work. In fact, it is also quickly published because the focus is on the publication of light reading materials that cover all types of readers.

Flexible Royalties – This package also promises a high royalty return between 10-20% depending on the status of your writing. The more you write and publish, your royalties will also be upgraded according to your experience.

Light Package


  • Suitable for general types of books or based on specific fields, relaxed language or focused but easy to understand such as novels, textbooks, history, illustration, biographies, children and the like. The recommended language is Malay or English.
  • Pdf @ Flipbook format - Your book will be available in the most popular format especially in pdf, ePub, Mobi or Kindle.
  • Book Size - The default book size is 5x8", 6x9" @ 7x10" suitable for all type of readers.
  • Cover Design - The cover design will be tailored to your manuscript for free. You can also choose a suitable book cover from our collection of book covers. All front and back book covers are in full color.
  • Book Page Design - Your book will be formatted according to a visually appealing standard page design to bring your story to life. All page content will be set in black and white with a maximum limitation between 80-150 pages.
  • Free ISBN Registration - The 13-digit ISBN identifier is unique to your book and an industry requirement for distribution and retail sales. It allows distributors, retailers, printers and readers to easily find and order your book.
  • 20 Insert Images - You have the opportunity to insert side images for the interior pages of your book, and these will be set either in grayscale or in full color (for Full Color Books).
  • Free Proofreading - Your manuscript will be checked through proofreading services such as spelling, grammar, sentence structure and so on for free.
  • Final Internal Check - Your book will be thoroughly checked before final publication for any publisher errors such as hyphens, formatting issues or misplaced graphics, which may have occurred during production.
  • Worldwide Online Distribution - Your book will be available for sale online through RedCili, our affiliates and a network of outside retailers or distributors.
  • New Releases Section - Your book will appear on the front of our online bookstore's 'New Releases' page highlighting it for a period of 1 month after the publication date.
  • Book Promotion Files - These are files in PDF format in the form of posters, brochures and banners about the book so that you can print or use them for promotional purposes in various network formats.
  • Online Formatting and Distribution - Your book will be distributed online as an e-Book and available through other online booksellers.

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Is This Package For You?

This package is open to all authors but priority will be given to new authors who have never published a book, written for the first time or have not had the opportunity to publish a book before.

How can we help you?

Contact us or use the Knowledge Base if you are still unclear about the book publishing services that we offer.

You are advised to read and understand the Book Publishing Terms & Conditions related to this service before making any commitment.

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