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A-Z Digital Solution

Please provide accurate and comprehensive information so that the evaluation can be done comprehensively.

Proposal Coverage

Depending on your information, each proposal will propose from the following aspects:

  • General Overview –
  • Branding –
  • Hosting Package –
  • Domain Name –
  • Marketing Solution –
  • SEO –
  • Added Value –

Terms and Conditions

  • Each proposal that is issued will be charged a fee of RM25 as an administrative process (non-refundable) and we have the right over each proposal.
  • You may not use the proposal for any purpose without our permission such as printing, distributing, sharing, publishing, commenting and so on.
  • Your application will be processed within 5-10 working days depending on the complexity of each case we receive. A link to access your proposal will be provided after payment of the RM25 fee is completed.