Going digital in business or for personal reason means turning manual or semi-manual processes into fully automated processes that are easier to manage and oversee. Business digitization is growing in popularity, but these days it’s also becoming a necessity. The transformation becoming more common is the use of electronic documents (e-documents) instead of paper, which we do for a variety of reasons. There’s plenty of benefits that investing in electronic document flows streamlines company operations, makes them safer, facilitates cross-border trade and saves money and environment. Beyond these benefits exist regulatory and bureaucratic reasons as well; the number of government-mandated ordinances that require the use of electronic documents is growing worldwide with increasing paste.

To support this effort, we would like to offer an eDocument approach that is starting to gain ground among media practitioners, namely document flipping. It allows you to embed flip books created through online engagement in one step, without any extra fuss. You don’t have to bother with embedding PDFs anymore—make responsive, interactive HTML5 flipbooks and then use plugins to embed them into web pages in one click. Your magazine, brochure, presentation, booklet or book will become a seamless feature of your website, ready to engage or shared.


3D Flipbook Wordpress

It is a stunning 3D flipbook alternative for your flat lifeless PDFs. The easy post structure makes it easy to create flipbook inside your WordPress. Create 3D flipbook, make your PDFs interactive and generate more customer attention.

Realistic View
Allows you to create volume book, with page thickness. It is the most exact computer model of a book or a magazine from real world.
Skins Support
Supporting skins makes 3D FlipBook customization very easy. It is necessary just to choose appropriate skin and that is all.
Natural Behavior
Physics engine has a lot of properties: gravity, mass, flexibility, page flipping velocities and much more. It is based on physics laws so all user actions with the flipbook seems realistic.
Smart Pan
It has smart algorithm to automatically chooses book scale and alignment on the screen, disallows user to drag the book out of view port.
Flexible Pages
Maximum user friendly with the main key of behaving in habitual for user way. By dragging a page while holding a corner!
Multi Sources
The plugin can use PDF, images and HTMLs as pages. HTML allow easily create interactive books, handle user events, manage plugin behaviour.

Find out about eDocument models being adopted in our demo page and best solutions for keeping up with the document management nowadays.

User Friendly
It s designed to be maximum user friendly. It has familiar to user page flipping control, designed animation of page loading process and supports fullscreen mode.
... And Many More!
Interactive, Responsive, Easy to Use and Customize, High Performance, Smart Pages Loading, etc.

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Are you a book writer, book publisher, academic, novel enthusiast, etc? Want to share documents, ebooks, conference papers, book reviews and so on with readers. This eDocument system will provide the best alternative to realize your dreams because it is able to translate your document display interactively, attractively and responsively with smart devices.

Why do you need it?

There are too many reasons why the need for eDocuments today is critical, especially from the user’s point of view.


Share your ideas and document collections with your own settings that guarantee privacy.


Promote your product or service interactively and attract attention through social media networks to gain a fans.


As a guide document that is easily accessible, interactive and guarantees user involvement.


Approach your students, trainees or customers through simple, attractive and smart presentations to attract attention.


Present your business documents or assignments with confidence and ease of understanding.


Sell your product or services in person with your customers by showing your seriousness to secure their confidence in style.