If you want to highlight your photo, video or audio collection for any specific purpose such as for personal, business or partnership contributions, this media and gallery solution cannot be ignored. It can be used as the main theme of your website or as a content enhancer such as tutorials, guides or exhibitions about what you are capable of producing or the current activities of your business. Communication channels with the media have proven to be very effective at the present time because the current social media phenomenon is highly dependent on the concept of audio-visual material.

Therefore we would like to offer a simple application using the WordPress platform called Simply Gallery which is able to coordinate your collection in an orderly and interesting way. You can radically create stunning gallery blocks built exclusively for the new Gutenberg block editor. Add images, then switch between any gallery till you find the perfect gallery. All your settings seamlessly transfer as well.


Maintain a collection of images from your photographic recordings with an organized and attractive display.


Display video recordings from various sources including Youtube, Vimeo, self-recordings, etc and share them.


Easily collect and share audio from your personal collection through blogs, reviews and content settings.

Get a glimpse of what you get from the Media Gallery platform with lots of features such as light box, album creation, multi touch, etc.

Start Building Your Gallery Today! Only RM15/month.

100GB Web Space, FREE Setup & Installation, 20 email account, Unlimited Traffic, 5 MySQL Databases


The highly customizable Lightbox for native WordPress Gallery/Image and beautiful gallery blocks with advanced Lightbox for photographers, video creators, writers and content marketers. The blocks set will help you create responsive Images, Video, Audio gallery. Three desired layout in one plugin – Masonry, Justified and Grid.

Unrivaled in Every Way
SimpLy Gallery Blocks offers an unrivaled drag and drop gallery building experience in Gutenberg. Add your images, video or audio files in your choice of photo gallery block, customize display settings, hit publish.
Innovative Capabilities
An innovative transform system lets you instantly change your galleries into another form. Go from a fullscreen Masonry gallery to universal Grid or stylish Justified gallery, with just a single click.
Next Gen Lightbox
Built on top of the latest technologies, SimpLy Lightbox is multi-gestures compatible, smooth and performant! Easily navigate with one or several fingers on your smartphone.
Highly Responsive
Gutenberg gallery blocks are second-to-none, featuring fullscale responsive support. And with fine controls for mobile and desktop styles, you can set custom styling for each gallery.
Block Converting
Easily convert block gallery from Masonry to Justified or to Grid or to WordPress image gallery and vice versa.
Drag to Close
Nowaday, it's common on touch devices to close a popup or lightbox with a vertical swipe. Gallery Block uses this method and it also works with mouse gesture.
Touch Gestures
Supported gestures: drag/swipe to navigate through items, pinch to zoom in/out, double-tap to zoom, drag to close, pinch to close, tap to toggle controls.
Pinch to Zoom
Like on iOS or Android, you will be able to easily zoom in or out with two fingers by pinching the content on screen. It will work on any touch device
Double Tap Zoom
You can also zoom in or out thanks to a double tap. Double tap allows to precisely zoom on a media point. Works with mouse double click.