Wordpress On Point Hosting

We make it simple yet powerful and beautiful.

Introducing WP On Point

WordPress On Point Hosting is an inclusion of WordPress platforms that prioritize the needs of today’s fast and selective digital customers. Basically this hosting offers options that specifically meet digital needs according to market trends, popular applications and easy methods of managing websites without in -depth technical skills. You are free to manipulate the provided platform at will and add additional tools, plugin or theme beside the selected theme.

Web Builder
Simple web builder for those who want fast site construction and management.
Sales Funnel
An option for those who offer specific products or services strategically, targeted and quick.
Media Gallery
Focus on photo or video gallery to showcase your personal collection.
Team Office
Offers a teammate management system in handling projects, assignments and communications.
eCommerce Pro
Offer eCommerce hosting based on premium template and your specifications.
In Person
Cater for self promotion professionally including CVs, interviews, biographies etc.
ePrint Hosting
Alternatives to online electronic publishing and digital document dissemination.
Interested in blogs, vlogs & podcasts? A right choice for you to gain some fans.

WordPress Simplicity

A selection of high quality themes that suit your business or personal needs. Get started with over 50+ themes to choose from.

Why choose On Point?

You can choose this platform if you have a WordPress -based website development objective and want an on point entity that is ready to be manipulated without being burdened with confusing settings.

Powerful Solutions

An excellent solution for developing websites through WordPress platform which is well known, flexible and stable among Internet users.

Media Flexibility

Each theme and plugin is flexible with media tools especially social media, video and email to ensure marketing needs are not overlooked.

Ease of Use

Flexible, front end and easy to manipulate site builders are provided to ensure continuous site development.

Responsive design

Every theme and plugin provided is ensured to be responsive to the needs of today’s website setting especially with smart devices.

Popular Tools

The tools used are selected from the popularity, up to date and accuracy of functionality as well as meet the needs of users as much as possible.

Fast Loading

Through high -level, secure and fast hosting settings, your website will always be at a level that can meet the needs of your customers.