Basic Account

For your information in any eCommerce, the administrative affairs must involve users or customers. It is the basis of the existence of a business because without it, every product or service will be affected. Therefore to manage the interests of its customers, the system used by any entity is to create an account. It is a platform that can provide basic details about customers such as name, address, phone number and so on.

However, the approach of each business entity is different in facing this situation. Some require it as a mandatory requirement and some do not. RedCili Media takes a simple approach by giving its customers the freedom to choose whether to open an account with us or not because you can still shop with us regardless of your choice.

However, you are strongly encouraged to register a basic account for free with us for the following reasons:

  • We guarantee that your privacy will not be shared with other parties or use the distribution of details about you for other inappropriate purposes. See Privacy Policy for more information.
  • You will receive 50 reward points for free to allow you to enjoy various privileges. See Points and Rewards Program for more information.
  • This basic account works for a lifetime as long as there is no request from you to cancel it or we stop business operations.
  • This account also serves to facilitate your purchase with us especially if it is repeated. Information about you will be automatically pinned in important spaces, especially details about your name, address, payment details and so on. It also saves you time and allows the system to modify according to your status in terms of reward points, discounts and shipping rates. Of course you can also modify the current details if needed.
  • You can cancel your basic account at any time if there is any inconvenience or need without question. You just need to contact us via Contact Us or Ticketed Support. All information about you will be removed in full and sever your relationship with us.

Basic Account

A basic account is a basic account that does not bind you to any of our services or products but is still subject to the Terms and Conditions we set. It only acts as a liaison between you and us when you shop with us or manage your experience. You are not required to register as a basic member but it is highly recommended as it will make things easier online.

Registration Process

You can register a basic account with us through our website by filling in the required details. You can start by selecting the Register link from the top bar of the menu section. You can also register during the Checkout process when a purchase is made.

A new page for registration purposes will be generated. You only need to enter your chosen Username (*Chosen Username cannot be changed, so please be careful to choose the appropriate Username), your official (active) email and Password for registration purposes. If you have previously registered, please Login to continue. Please follow the instructions provided for the registration process and to ensure genuine registration, you will receive an email for account verification.

As a precaution against the threat of scams and security requirements, an email for verification purposes will be sent if your registration process is successful. Please confirm your registration by clicking on the confirmation link provided.


An email confirming your registration with the Username option entered will also be provided. From here you can update your account and change the Password in the Customer Dashboard and fill in other required details.

The registration process as a registered Customer with RedCili is over. You can manage your account at any time and Log Out by selecting the link from the icon provided in the same menu column.

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