Customer Dashboard

Basically when a user sign up as a registered customer with us, a dashboard for that customer is automatically created. It is a platform that gathers details of important personal information of customers and all the activities done during shopping, logging in and so on. Customers can edit their information from time to time as long as the basic account is active.

1. To access this dashboard, customers need to Log in first. Select LOGIN link at the upper menu from our home site.

2. Fill in the details required from the Member Login page such as your registered Username, Password, Reference link and htCaptcha process. Click the Login button to proceed. (Login attempts are limited to 3 attempts before the system will automatically lock. Contact us if this happens.)

3. If your Login is successful, you will be taken to the Reference page you chose or to the front page as default. If it happens you can access it from the front page > Account > Customer Panel. 

4. When the Customer Panel page is displayed, you can start managing your account based on some of the options provided.

The Customer Panel Dashboard

There are 2 display layouts on this page, namely the description or notification section on the left side of the page and the account management options section on the right side.

Description Section

This section gathers the latest notifications from us, the status of your account, the description of options and the logout button.

Account Management Options Section

It displays various account management options including Front Panel, Profile, Points, Addresses, Orders, Downloads, Subscriptions and Avatars. Select any of the options provided to manage the element.

See Account Management Options