Who We Are?

Our small but significant history of RedCili Media actually started in 2005 when it was founded as a physical business entity with the initial name as Suria 2 Book Stop and started its initial business in Kedah, Malaysia. At that time, with limited technology and resources; the company also took the initiative to develop an online business by offering the purchase of books via the internet. However, luck was not on our side as we had to stop operations due to unavoidable reasons.

But it did not break the spirit of the founder to continue this business concept because of the love of books and knowledge. After several studies were conducted to explore online business prospects, RedCili Media was established as a continuation of that spirit. In addition, various applications and devices that support business transformation through eCommerce are beginning to dominate the market and support this effort. Therefore, the company started the business informally through social media marketing and third-party platforms besides testing the response of various customers. From the feedback received, the company is confident in the prospects of this business and decided to create an eCommerce website as an official platform.

Accordingly, the RedCili Media website was launched in 2020 using the RedCili name as the official medium, brand and domain. However, once again our business rebranding was somewhat disrupted by the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic and some hacking issues that affected some planned projects. Some plans had to be postponed or modified and the execution of work took place at a limited pace. However, with the blessing of prayer, the fading danger of the epidemic and a reevaluation of its approach to cyber security, the company began to redefine its approach. Among them, taking the prospect of working from home as a more economical method in performing tasks, generating creativity and as an initiative for staff. Cyber security is enhanced by subscribing to a more reputable web hosting provider with a high level of security.

The use of the name RedCili is a combination of words in English and Malay that reflect our burning and warmth enthusiasm to fulfill our inspiration and objectives through books. The word media reflects our availability to apply various methods of publication in the form of media to develop knowledge to the community. It therefore becomes a platform that provides customers with a convenient, secure and fast online shopping/publication experience through robust payment and fulfillment support in terms of reading materials and on-demand items. This includes books, electronic materials, book cover designs, templates and web designs etc.

RedCili Media’s official logo displays our burning commitment to the development of knowledge. Symbolically it is also a manifestation of our team’s determination to provide the best service for all. RedCili Media will continues to grow and strive to meet the needs of the intellectual market and design services as targeted.