Legal Notices Overview

The legal notices listed here are a legal binding between us and you. It is also protected by law. You are advised to read, understand and confirm that this notice is provided as it is and we reserve the right to amend or cancel it without notice. If there is any dispute about the understanding, interpretation or definition of terms or meanings used in Malay, the statement on the Legal Notices in English will prevail.

Among the legal notices included in the bond between us and you are:

* To facilitate access to information, there are several legal notices placed along with the type of service offered. This does not mean that the notice is waived and there is no bond between us and you. It should be read together as part of our official and valid legal notices as described in this section.

Your Role Regarding Legal Notices

1. You must read, understand and willingly agree to all legal notices as stated and be bound by them when you use the service or make a purchase through the “RedCili” website.

2. Each legal notice has its own perception in terms of the terminology of users who use the service or make a purchase of the product provided. You here whether individually or group means “customer”, “registered member”, “user”, “affiliate”, “designer”, and others that have the same meaning according to the terms or policies related to it.