Love & Romance Collection

The romance genre is very popular with readers, especially women or teenage girls. It shows the environmental strains of relationships between people and how those relationships experience various obstacles, joy, sadness, determination, love, learning, experience and so on. It makes people mature and willing to overcome all obstacles when possessed by the element of love. It can also be enjoyed by readers because it will empower women and men, focus on each other’s journey to find themselves, find their true happiness, goals and success from themselves now.

Even by reading this story will be able to give more space to the reader to imagine and create imagination about what happened, from the aspects of appearance, communication, setting and environment. Finally, romance titles can teach readers a thing or two about open communication, friendship, family, growing maturity and how to navigate life under the pressure of a relationship.

So explore our collection of used romance fiction books at great prices from leading romance publishers such as Mills & Boon, Harlequin and Silhoutte.

Note : 1. You need to buy at least 3 books or at a total value of RM9 for this collection in one package to activate the cart/payment system because of the low price and below the shipping rate for one item. 2. By nature, most of these books contain deep love stories and may feature sensitive or intimate scenes. Your discretion is advised when placing an order. 3. All orders from this collection are excluded from the return guarantee.