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RC Membership

Treat Yourself as a RedCili Member & Gain Access to Exclusive Items Customized to Your Needs.

What We Offer

Various items and tools are available for you with unlimited access and download. Choose What You Need!

Free Member

RM 00 Lifetime

Feel the privilege of being a RedCili member by joining the FREE package. It has its own special features as an alternative to many more items that you can have through premium membership.

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Pro Design

RM 35 Month

Offers a variety of pro designs synonymous with your needs such as images, vectors, svg files, psd files, audio & video's collection. An ever-growing PD collection for your convenience.

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RM 50 Month

Offering online DIY design tools to those in need with extensive resources, flexible design platform, easy-to-use tools, unlimited design downloads and stunning design results. Unlimited designs!

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RM 65 Month

A comprehensive collection of hundreds of eBooks covering variety of genres, flip book reading, downloadable items,  accessible anywhere and quality writing from the best authors.

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RM 35 Month

A collection of templates to make your work easier including website templates, profile CV, and so on. Make yourself and your organization look professional to enhance your brand and capture your future clients.

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RM 35 Month

A wide selection of mockups that meet your needs regardless of product, organization and personal. Display your target items in a stylish, personal and attractive way to attract customers on variety of platforms

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RM 50 Month

Choose an online course that can improve your mastery and implementation of skills for career development. This includes language courses, children's learning, writing skills and self-mastery skills.

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Mega Cili


Includes everything offered here including access to a wide range of pro design collections, eBook collections, canvas, Mockups, exclusive courses, templates and mockups + bonuses bundled together for you at a savings price. Save from RM50-240!

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Upgrade to M&M Membership

You want to combine membership packages according to your needs and specifications? You can do it with a Mix & Match Membership!

Set Your GROUP Membership

Want your staff or affiliates to enjoy the RC member package together? Set your combined group in an umbrella method with a maximum selection of 500 entries per group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you have questions because they complement understanding and dispel perceptions.

When you make a purchase at RedCili, you will automatically be registered as a customer with minimum privileges but not as a premium member. Registering as a premium member will allow you to get certain privileges and at the same time also register as our customer. Therefore your privileges also increase!

A single subscription is a subscription to one package at a time while a Mega Cili bundle subscription includes all the packages offered. It depends on your needs but with a bundle subscription you will save as much as RM240 a month!

Of course because it is not a compulsion on you. You are free to cancel your membership for any reason at any time. However, you can still be our member for free to continue enjoying the privileges offered.

Yes, you can do it by using the "Mix & Match" method of 2 or more matches. If you intend to subscribe to all packages, please use the Bundle Subscription as it is more economical.

Of course not at all because our system constantly monitors unauthorized membership abuse. You may be banned from using the package forever without a refund. Please use Group Subscription for that purpose.

More FAQ’s on Membership,  Account & Terms and Conditions in Knowledge Base.

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