Organizational Creativity : The Series

Organizational Creativity : The Series


Adapted from a printed book entitled “Creative Organizations : Constructive Ideas Facing the Industrial Revolution”, a selection of 9 eBooks in this latest series offer the concept of digital reading. It gives the reader the option to gain the same knowledge from printed books that are limited in terms of printing. It also makes it easy for you to read wherever you are via a smart device as it is only in pdf format.

In total it offers 9 different titles such as:

  • Creativity: Concepts and Theories
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Creative Organization Management
  • Creative Organizational Culture
  • Creative Organization Design
  • Empowering Creative Leadership
  • Facing the Industrial Revolution
  • Creating Organizational Sustainability

All of these titles can be obtained individually at an affordable price. It is the latest issue of RedCili Media.

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