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You have prepared the draft of your writing well and have gone through the editing and proofing process that gives validity to the quality of your writing. From here you can continue the further process of publishing your book with any selected publisher or independently. It depends on the specifications you set and can meet your reading material publishing needs or targets.

But you are still not satisfied because your target readers only focus on one group only in terms of language. You feel there is a need for your writing material to be worked on by all groups of society so that the message you want to convey is achieved. You also want to expand your book market so that income from book production can be optimized. In fact, marketing studies have found that translating books into different languages can increase information sharing and improve overall marketing reach.

To meet those wishes, we offer translation services to interested authors. Our translators will transmit the author’s meaning, faithfully replicating subtle differences, appropriate tone and humor. Whether your manuscript is rich in metaphors or reveals human emotions, our translators know how to convey meaning while maintaining the integrity of the content. Talented linguists experienced in the thorough process of literary translation will produce the best version for your specific needs. We employ a team of translators who can skillfully play with complex expressions and we are more than happy to help you with the translation of your book.

However, at present we can only offer translation work in two languages only, namely from/to Malay and English.

Select the most suitable setting based on your project. Check the guidance button for details.

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