Self Publishing

Self-publishing refers to an author completing the entire publishing process—including printing, editing, proofreading, formatting, cover design, and book marketing—on their own or with their own resources. This is done without the help of a traditional publisher or publishing company. You have free hands to determine how your book will be process, publish and market and also claim a full copyright of your work.

So to help you achieve this process we offer a variety of publishing tool services to ensure your writing work goes smoothly from start to the end. These services or tools include cover mock-up design, printing, eBook format conversion and web hosting for marketing purpose. They are pack in different packages to suit your needs.

About the Packages

The packages are compilation of services and tools that can be used to help you to manage your self publication process from writing platform, eBook conversion, printing options and web marketing tool. These requirements are very important to pay attention to because they are a fundamental element in the perspective of the publication and printing of any book. If it is not done properly it is possible that your process can be disrupted and involve loss of money, time and energy. They are distinguished from the period of time you feel is most appropriate or comfortable to spend on your writing. All the elements provided are integrated in one platform that can be manipulated for your book publishing process.


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