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Creative Organization Series : Creative Organization Inclusiveness

This 10th series draws final conclusions on the dimensions of creativity and innovation to the growth of human life including the ability to grow in organizations that openly support ideas and create an ideal environment for employees to innovate while those that fail are organizations that restrict creativity with rules, structures. which are complex and do not adapt to change. The organization has a responsibility to value the diversity and inclusiveness of creative thinking in a transparent manner and to benefit all who depend on its progress regardless of the employees who sponsor or the users who benefit from it. which is tight. As an exclusive conclusion to the discussion of the previous series for the readers ’reflection, the author also suggests eight strategies that should be given serious consideration in terms of knowledge, management and merit of the creative organization.

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This eBook – “Keterangkuman Organisasi Kreatif” (Creative Organization Inclusiveness) is one of the 10 series of eBooks version that was published into digital format. It is done in such a way as to: (1) provide readers with alternatives other than printed books, (2) narrow the scope of the topic so that it is easy to understand, (3) facilitate reading using electronic devices, and (4) offer the lowest and most affordable prices.

Therefore, this eBook is still centered on providing holistic reading and access to knowledge on the disciplines of creativity and innovation in organizations. The focus is on understanding the concept of creativity and innovation in theory, practice and its symbiotic relationship with the organizational ecosystem consisting of structure, work processes, human resources, environment and strategy.

It is hoped that this eBook can help the management of the organization in the process of preserving creative practices in their respective organizations as well as understand the systematic journey about it. Alternatively, this eBook can be used as an additional reference for them in addition to following training or related courses. General readers can also use this eBook series as a reference to understand the importance of creativity and innovation, the creative work processes that underlie an organization as well as their own role in sprouting creative skills that are increasingly needed in the future.

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