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The politics of nation building is often the main question in Malaysia. Although the country has managed to maintain a high level of political stability since the 1969 tragedy, and subsequently generated rapid economic development (at least until the Asian economic crisis and after the 2008 General Election), nation-building projects remain a major national agenda still unresolved. . This book reveals the process that requires meticulousness in the construction of the Malaysian nation in the era after the 1970s, especially in the context of building the vision of the Malaysian Nation or a united nation of Malaysia, which is engraved in the Vision 2020 sparked by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad introduced in 1991. This book discusses the socio -political policy parameters that shape and influence the politics of nation building in this country as well as the formation of Bangsa Malaysia. This book is specially written to provide an alternative perspective in the analysis of ethnic relations and nation building in Malaysia, further expanding the understanding of Malaysian politics and society.

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Full Title : Politik Bangsa Malaysia

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Year of Publication : 2014

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Mohamed Mustafa Ishak