McNally’s Caper


Palm Beach’s premier man-about-crime plunges to the perilous depths of high society – in the loopiest Archy McNally thriller yet! If it were a soap opera, it might be called The Young and the Feckless. But McNally’s Caper is real-life, real-death family meshugass. The clan in question bears the proud name Forsythe, but the devious saga played out within the fortresslike walls of their baronial estate is far too raw ever to make it to Masterpiece Theatre. Called in by patriarch Griswold Forsythe II – a client of Archy’s father, who even the closemouthed senior McNally admits is pretty dull – our happy-go-lucky sleuth commences a covert search to discover which intimate relative is lifting the family valuables piece by piece. Before he solves that puzzle, Archy’s in for a sordid rainbow of surprises that gives the lie to the dynasty’s colorless repute. First there are the steamy Forsythe females hurling themselves his way. Then the buried scandals that keep bubbling up wherever he looks. But not until the murder of pater-familias do things finally boil over – into a white-hot crucible of corruption that menaces the guilty and the innocent alike. Mixing suspense, sensuality and high jinks with a Cordon Bleu chef’s expertise, Lawrence Sanders’ McNally’s Caper is a thoroughly delectable read.

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Full Title : McNally’s Caper

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Year of Publication : 1995

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