Sherlock Holmes : Jurubahasa Yunani, Perjanjian Perkapalan & Masalah Terakhir


The Greek Interpreter

Dr. Watson is shocked to learn his best friend, Sherlock Holmes has a brother, Mycroft. Mycroft takes them to meet Mr. Melas, a Greek who has been taken to a house in secret and forced to be an interpreter to a man who looks like he has been captured and abused. Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft need to act immediately when Melas is kidnapped again, because this time there are definitely lives to be lost!

The Naval Treaty

An important international deal has been stolen from the office desk of Mr. Percy Phelps, who is an old friend of Watson. Feeling depressed, Mr. Phelps had a stroke and was bedridden for nine weeks. When he recovers, he asks Watson to find him with Sherlock Holmes and begs him to find the deal. Mr Phelps feared relations between England and France might be strained if the deal fell into the wrong hands.

The Final Problem

Sherlock Holmes arrives at Watson’s house one day lifeless and pale. Watson was shocked when Holmes recounted he had just escaped three attempts to kill him. It all started after Professor Moriarty came to visit him at home and warned Holmes to stop interfering with his affairs. However, Sherlock Holmes persisted and a deadly game began between the two of them. Holmes had invited Watson to follow him to Europe while waiting for his plan to trap Professor Moriarty to bear fruit. However, the person who considered Sherlock Holmes as his rival was not easy to subdue. Will Sherlock Holmes be safe? Or is this the last story?

All three of these stories were included in the volume of The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, first published in 1893.

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Full Title : Sherlock Holmes : Jurubahasa Yunani, Perjanjian Perkapalan & Masalah Terakhir

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