Sherlock Holmes : Misteri Delima Biru, Misteri Pita Berbintik & Misteri Ibu Jari Jurutera


The Blue Pomegranate Mystery

Sherlock Holmes and Watson investigate the discovery of a blue pomegranate in the cache of a goose on Christmas Day. Sherlock Holmes realized the pomegranate belonged to a countess and it had been stolen a few days ago. They both begin to track down the owner of the goose and go through a variety of interesting situations.

The Mystery of the Spotted Ribbon

Sherlock Holmes and Watson are visited by a frightened girl named Helen Stoner. Ms. Helen has a twin sister who passed away two years ago during almost her wedding. The way he died was shocking, he seemed to be in fear and his last words were to be wary of the ‘dotted tape’. Now Helen Stoner is almost married and she is very afraid that what happened to her sister will happen to her. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson immediately went to the girl’s house to investigate.

The Mystery of the Engineer’s Thumb

Dr. Watson is approached by Victor Hatherley who loses his thumb. Watson takes him to meet Sherlock Holmes and Lord Hatherley begins to tell his story. He was hired to repair a hydraulic machine for a very lucrative fee. While making an inspection on the hydraulic machine, suddenly the machine worked and he almost crashed. Only then did he realize that he was actually being attacked and that the man intended to kill him.

The Mystery of the Blue Pomegranate (The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle), The Mystery of the Speckled Band, and The Mystery of the Engineer’s Thumb are featured in the first published volume of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. on October 14, 1892.

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Full Title : Sherlock Holmes : Misteri Delima Biru, Misteri Pita Berbintik & Misteri Ibu Jari Jurutera

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