Sherlock Holmes : Misteri Lembah Boscombe, Lima Butir Biji Oren & Lelaki Bermulut Herot


The Boscombee Valley Mystery

Holmes and Watson traveled to Boscombe to assist Lestrade in the case of the murder of Charles McCarthy. All the testimonies convicted his son, James McCarthy. However, James’ fiancé, Ms. Turner, is convinced that he is innocent. Complicating matters further, James pleaded guilty. Sherlock Holmes realizes there is a latent history between the Turner and McCarthy families.

The Five Orange Pips

John Openshaw’s uncle, Colonel Elias was found dead some time after receiving a letter containing five grains of dried orange seeds and written K. K. K. on its envelope. A few years later, John’s father, Joseph, died after receiving the same letter. Now, a similar letter has reached John’s hands. He immediately came to Sherlock Holmes to ask for help. After many cases he successfully solved, can Holmes save John’s life this time?

The Man With The Twisted Lip

Neville St. Clair, a successful entrepreneur has gone missing and his wife claims the last time she saw her husband was by the window of an opium addiction den in the city of London. His wife continued to chase up to the place but he only found a lame beggar, who denied about the existence of anyone else in the room. Neville is suspected to have been murdered, and police have arrested the beggar. However, a few days later, Neville’s wife received a letter from her husband. Sherlock Holmes investigates whether Neville is still alive or whether the letter is just a game of the owner of the opium addiction lair.

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Full Title : Sherlock Holmes : Misteri Lembah Boscombe, Lima Butir Biji Oren & Lelaki Bermulut Herot

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Year of Publication : 2019

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