Sherlock Holmes : Ritual Keluarga Musgrave, Teka-Teki Reigate, Lelaki Berbadan Bongkok & Pesakit Jalan Brook


The Musgrave Ritual

Two Musgrave family maids, Brunton and Rachel Howells were found missing. Brunton disappeared after being fired for rummaging through Musgrave’s family documents. Rachel Howells disappeared shortly after. Musgrave recounts his family ritual to Sherlock Holmes, a strange gurindam trap dating back to the 17th century. Holmes felt the loss of the two maids had something to do with the ritual.

The Reigate Puzzle

Dr. Watson took Sherlock Holmes to rest in Reigate after his friend fell ill. While there, the house of a millionaire in the neighborhood was robbed. However, the only items missing were a few books, a spool of thread and a few other small items. Watson forbade Holmes to investigate because he did not want his friend to fall ill again. A few nights later, another house was robbed and an employee at the residence was shot. In the victim’s hand was a piece of paper written when he was killed. Watson could no longer stop Holmes from conducting an investigation.

The Crooked Man

Nancy Barclay is accused of killing her husband after an altercation. Yet on Sherlock Holmes, there is something suspicious where the lock on the room door has disappeared and there are traces of strange animal footprints in the room. However, the police did not consider it an important factor in this case. How did Sherlock Holmes prove his theory to the police?

The Resident Patient

Dr. Percy Trevelyen enlists Sherlock Holmes’ help when his employer, Mr. Blessington begins to behave strangely. It began when Mr. Blessington read in the newspaper about a case of theft in the vicinity. She had installed iron bars on all the windows of her house and always looked anxious. Sherlock Holmes is intrigued by the case, and discovers that Lord Blessington keeps a big secret. Subsequent incidents forced him to investigate a murder case.

All four of these short stories were included in the volume of The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, first published in 1893.

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Full Title : Sherlock Holmes : Ritual Keluarga Musgrave, Teka-Teki Reigate, Lelaki Berbadan Bongkok & Pesakit Jalan Brook

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