Sherlock Holmes : Silver Blaze, Wajah Kuning, Kerani Broker Saham & ‘Gloria Scott’


Silver Blaze

The famous racehorse, Silver Blaze had disappeared before an important race and his trainer was found dead murdered. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson received a telegram from the horse’s owner, Colonel Ross to investigate the case. Can Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson rediscovered the Silver Blaze before the start of the race? And who killed his coach?

Yellow face

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson was visited by a man whom Holmes nicknamed Munro based on the hat he wore. Munro complains that he cheated on his wife. His wife had been married in America before moving to England because her previous family had died of yellow fever. Their marriage was quite happy, until one day his wife asked for 100 pounds and Munro saw a yellow -faced person next to his house.

Stock Broker Clerk

A young clerk, Hall Pycroft sought Holmes’ advice over his suspicions of a company offering him an exorbitant salary. For that reason, Holmes, Watson, and Pycroft went to the place where the company offering the work operated. When they arrived at the intended office, officers in the office tried to commit suicide after seeing them. What made him act that way?

‘Gloria Scott’

This was the first case Sherlock Holmes dealt with in his life. At the moment he is still a college student. During the holidays, Holmes stayed at the home of his friend, Victor Trevor. Holmes had made a mistake by drawing the right conclusions about Victor’s father, and caused the man to be struck by thunder and fainted at the dining table. Holmes realizes Trevor’s father has a black past history, and someone from that past is now coming to haunt him again.

All four of these short stories were included in the volume of The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, first published in 1893.

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Full Title : Sherlock Holmes : Silver Blaze, Wajah Kuning, Kerani Broker Saham & ‘Gloria Scott’

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