Sherlock Holmes : Skandal di Bohemia, Liga Kepala Merah & Misteri Identiti


A Scandal in Bohemia
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson received a visit from a masked man who wanted to return his picture with a beautiful opera singer named Irene Adler for fear of the woman’s intimidation. Out of a case considered simple, Sherlock Holmes did not think he would be defeated by a woman!

The Red-Headed League
The bright red -haired Jabez Wilson came to enlist the help of Sherlock Holmes to investigate the Red Head League organization he had just joined. The league took him to work simply because of his red hair, and then suddenly the league disbanded just like that. Although the case sounds funny, but Sherlock Holmes can kiss a big crime is about to happen.

A Case of Identity
Unbeknownst to her father, Mary Sutherland was engaged to a mysterious man named Hosmer Angel. On the morning before the wedding, Hosmer asks Mary’s loyalty to stay with him no matter what happens. On his way to the church for the wedding ceremony, Hosmer Angel was found missing. The carriage he was riding in was empty, while all eyes saw him riding in the carriage. Mary finds Sherlock Holmes, but the detective just laughs and says Hosmer Angel will never be found again. Has the man been kidnapped?

A Scandal in Bohemia, The Red-Headed League and A Case of Identity were published in the volume of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, first published on October 14, 1892.

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Full Title : Sherlock Holmes : Skandal di Bohemia, Liga Kepala Merah & Misteri Identiti

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