Bukan Aku Tak Cinta


Tengku Dania and Zaharul Ashriq, were found in a situation that each of them did not expect. The meeting after the meeting made the hearts intertwined. Create a sense of belonging. However, Zaharul Ashriq’s match has already been set. He wants to be married to Elinowati Maria, the daughter of his mother’s acquaintance. As much as possible he protested. But, as firmly as that, his mother insisted.

“Are you willing to do anything for me? For our love.”

Yes. For the sake of her love for Zaharul Ashriq, Tengku Dania is willing to be a wage earner in her lover’s house. The purpose is only one. Just want to take the heart of both Zaharul Ashriq’s parents as well as the whole family of the man. As the relationship blossoms, a storm hits. Farah Diana exists as the mastermind. Zaharul Ashriq’s proposal had to be rejected by Tengku Dania. He was thrown out of the family. He was hated by Zaharul Ashriq. He lost everything in an instant.

“I love you with all my heart. I’m willing for you to hate me. I’m willing if you don’t love me anymore. I’m willing if you don’t want to look at my face anymore. But, don’t leave me.”

Will Tengku Dania be able to face the allegations? Who is Farah Diana? On what grounds did Tengku Dania have to reject Zaharul Ashriq’s proposal? Can Tengku Dania return to the bosom of his family? Maybe, this is God’s order for him. Staying away doesn’t mean not loving.

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Full Title : Bukan Aku Tak Cinta

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Year of Publication : 2012

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