One of a series set in a seaside town around the students at Surfside High. Each book deals with a particular student or group of friends at the school. Modern teenage problems and love are the main themes. It’s the beginning of a new school year at Surfside High and already it’s gone horribly wrong for Desley! She can’t believe that she’s been stuck in a class full of no-hopers. There has to have been a mistake. The kids in class 8-M are like animals.

That’s why they call it the zoo gang. Even the new girl, Allira, with model-loke good looks, is trouble. She manages to keep the Turk off Desley’s back but hanging around with Allira has a cost. For the price of her friendship, Desley is sworn to keep Allira’s dark secret. Do all friendships have a price? Surely not real friends. Desley’s found a real friend in Petrie but even this lovely guy has problems of his own…

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Full Title : Desley

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Year of Publication : 1996

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