Simplicity Hosting

RM180.00 / year

Often hosting package offers will be covered with various applications and tools combined through a single control panel. In it, customers can manage and operate their hosting subscriptions such as installing, editing, transferring etc and it all involves technical work which for some is quite difficult and confusing. In fact, some feel that all the facilities provided are not needed to achieve their true objectives. Therefore, Simplicity Hosting is offered to focus on an application that is needed by a customer without being burdened with other facilities so that his objectives can be implemented as quickly as possible, effectively and save time. So if you plan to produce a website on a small scale, we recommend this Simplicity Hosting. You can easily host a single domain name, make a private portfolio website, a weblog as well as a smaller e–store and sufficient resources to grow using the disk space and traffic quotas contained in the pack.

Just select your desired application, templates and we will install and setup for you for FREE!