Story of Our Life

Story of Our Life

The RedCili Media Company website was officially established today (August, 2020) after conducting business activities online without any permanent platform other than through social media. Previously it was done retail in certain locations through boot sales, boarding other retail platforms and so on.

Alhamdulillah it became a reality with the commitment and continuous efforts of the company to create an official platform by using the open source application WordPress as a platform. It was first formed starting from Jan 2020 and built basically 5 months later for testing purposes. Since then it has undergone various transformations to ensure a satisfactory user experience can be achieved. Indeed it inspires everyone involved in the company to continue to strive for the best and drive excellence.

Without looking back, the company needs to achieve its objectives as a leader in its core businesses such as publishing quality books, selling the best reading materials, offering inspiring designs and exploiting the growing regime of electronic business (e-commerce) needs through design offerings. website.

It is hoped that this effort will be successful and blessed by God.

Thank you for your support.

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