Why RedCili?

Why RedCili?

This question is buried in the memory of most people and some ask why the name of this company is named as RedCili when it has nothing to do with crop -related businesses or food industries such as restaurants or chilli suppliers. Isn’t it ironic?

We cannot blame them because it is a clear and precise question. For those with one -way thinking, it may be a protracted topic to debate as it involves trust, understanding and acceptance from customers. Yet as owners of the name, we have a different view. Let us explain.

From a one -way angle, surely the word RedCili describes a plant from the category of small, red or green plants from the type of pepper that produces a hot and spicy taste if eaten directly or through food. Our perspective looks at the element of warmth that can be described as the strength, resilience and agility of the business we are in. It also gives an indication of the liveliness and agility of our customers to adapt to the new market environment and their lives.

RedCili is therefore used as a foundation to explore our increasingly challenging business and lives. The word was further used as an icon of the company as RedCili Media to describe the specific purpose it was established to offer various forms of media -related products and services such as publishing, sales and designing.

It is hoped that this explanation will inspire everyone to continue to strive in whatever field they are involved in and not take into account the various obstacles that you may face.

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